CD Log maintains investigational drugs integrity through an advanced Quality Management System.

We rely on our attention to detail and on our understanding of the critical impact time has on the flow of goods to meet our customers' needs and to ensure product integrity.

What can CD Log add to handling your CT supplies?


Supply Chain Integrity

More than 4,000 shipments to sites with less than 0.1% temperature excursion


Annual validation of packaging material and vehicles


Coordination with clearing agents, local freight forwarders and couriers


Timely & Cost Effective Services

Less than 24-hour lead-time for shipments to sites, covering the Lebanese territory


97% customer satisfaction rate as a key indicator of services’ cost-effectiveness


Site Logistics Workload Decrease

Coordination with pharmacies of more than 15 sites in order to adapt to their needs


Relief of sites from stock management burden: storage, stock counts, and reconciliation


Site logistics support


Logistics Services


Storage & Distribution

240 sqm monitored and controlled cold and ambient storage areas (Temperature & Humidity)

Frozen storage available


Sourcing of calibrated temperature monitoring devices (upon request)


Temperature-controlled shipments to sites through CD Log fleet of vehicles


Return of IMP from sites, stock reconciliation and accountability at depot, and preparation for re-exportation for destruction (packing and labeling)




Stock Management

Automatic stock invetory report with 100% accuracy rate


Drugs and Supplies receipt, distribution, return management, and stock reconciliation


Experience with all Interactive Web Response Systems (IWRS)



Local sourcing of non-IMP

Purchase of non-IMP and supplies from Lebanese market, whenever available


Handling stock management and shipments to sites of all kind of supplies (medical devices, lab kits, e-diaries...)


Return of supplies from sites, stock reconciliation at depot, and preparation for re-exportation back to supplier (packing and labeling)


Over-Labeling Activity

Over-labelling IMP for shelf-life extension at the depot (After local Health Authorities approval)


More than 20 over-labeling activities performed to date on 30,000 units at CD Log depot

Document Control & Archiving

Equipped area of 50 sqm for archiving of study documents


25-year retention period for study documents


Destruction of Clinical Trial Supplies

Outsourcing destruction of IMP in a European country and issuance of a destruction certificate


Local Destruction of unused/expired ancillaries and issuance of a destruction certificate