In order to answer the growing clinical research market needs, CD Log was founded in 2009 by Marie-Madeleine Sader and Team, while still operating through a pharmaceutical distribution operation. CD Log is a privately owned Lebanese company.

Dedication to clinical trial supplies

In 2014, dedication became a must. CD Log moved its operations to its refurbished fully equipped premises.

Logistics Services

Based in the capital Beirut, CD Log covers the entire Lebanese territory. Ten years later and led by a young, experienced and professional Team, CD Log services increased to include all types of clinical supplies: IMP, non-IMP (SOC, Premedication, Comparators...), Ancillaries and e-Diaries.

Key Milestones


CD Log's Creation as a privately owned company.


Move to the fully equipped premises at Sin El Fil, Jisr El Wati.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification of the New Facility by BSI.


GSDP Certification by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health- Class A.


Exceeding the 100-Studies Cumulative Activity Target.

The Team

CD Log is a privately-owned company governed by a Board of Directors.

CD Log team has over 60 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical distribution,

and more than 10 years of dedication to handling Clinical Trial supplies.

Board of Directors