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It takes vision, determination and commitment

to be the leading drug depot solely dedicated to clinical trial supplies in Lebanon

Our Vision

"To actively promote clinical research activities in Lebanon by increasing the level of awareness for clinical trials."


Our Mission

"To continuously improve the clinical trial supplies handling in Lebanon by offering high-quality and effective regulatory and logistics services, in compliance with all applicable local and international regulations and standards."

Our Corporate Policies


Through its Code of Conduct, CD Log management promotes its values of integrity, honesty, transparency, and responsibility among its employees according to the fundamental principles of Ethics. 



Code of Conduct

CD Log management urges its employees, partners and external providers to abide by the Lebanese Penal Code on anti-bribery anti-corruption, other conventions such as the United Nations Convention Against Corruption “UNCAC”, in addition to customers’ ABAC policies, as may be applicable.

CD Log policy also comprises the Code of Ethics for Medicinal Product Promotion in Lebanon and its implementation procedures.


Anti-Bribery and Compliance

CD Log Management is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of Personal Information of its employees, customers, business partners, and other identifiable individuals associated with the company’s scope of work, through the implementation of regulations, guidelines, and procedures that support its commitment to Personal Data Protection. 

Every employee holds a personal responsibility to comply with this Policy in the fulfillment of his/her role at CD Log company.



Data Privacy

CD Log Management is committed to the provision of all precautions and measures needed to ensure the health and safety of its employees while accomplishing their tasks within the work environment.

Moreover, CDLog management adopts and encourages all its employees to follow the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” approach aiming to go green and minimize the company’s negative impact on the environment.


Occupational Health and Environment